Paul Brunst - the importance of intuition

Paul Brunst, who is a renowned police officer from Denver, Colorado, describes how relying on his intuition can be such a life-saver in some cases. In the police department, several new cases are dealt with every day, and ambiguous details regarding these emerge every hour.  Most of the time, the root cause or the motive for a crime is not known, which is basically important in catching the criminal.

In some cases, where even logical reasoning fails to accomplish the desired goal, Brunst relies on his intuition to lead him to the right direction.  Sometimes the facts are hard to come by when the criteria are unclear. In such circumstances, rational analysis does not work, or the estimated outcome does not seem right for some reason. Intuition is the inner feeling that warns you when something does not quite add up. In a less structured world of today, it is becoming more and more common to depend on your intuition, rather than working up a rational analysis.

Sometimes things are not black and white, in fact they are more of a shade of grey, and when presented with a grey situation, Paul Brunst relies on his intuition. Thinking out of the box has helped him solve many high profile mysteries in his career. However, he does not advise to rely solely on intuition but finding the facts to back up your theories is also important. In some cases, you may be wrong, but going in a certain direction makes you come closer to finding the truth. After all, trying is what matters.

Why Paul Brunst loves to spend time with his children

If there is something Paul Brunst loves other than his job as a policeman, it is to be in the company of his three children, Amelia, Bill and Harry. While his daughter is much more thoughtful, as she is the eldest of the three, his twin sons are the definition of trouble. Being the ultimate pranksters that they are, they can be relied upon to brighten up a considerably dull day for their father with their juvenile pranks. Brunst admits that even though they tend to get on his nerves sometimes, he would not give it up for anything.

Amelia likes to read books, something she has in common with her father. This father-daughter duo has endless conversations about books in their free time, and recommends good books to each other.

Another hobby that Paul Brunst shares with all three of his children, and is particularly fond of, is to go biking on Sundays. They all own bicycles and love to compete with each other in their considerably large neighborhood. He also likes to go swimming with his children at the end of a long and tiring day to calm his nerves, as he finds it particularly rewarding to do so with his family. They also like to go hunting during the appropriate season, and even clean and eat whatever they find. Brunst admits that sometimes he is forced to cancel family plans in order to serve his duty, so he tries to make it up to them whenever he gets the chance.

Paul Brunst on Family

Father of three, Paul Brunst is a police officer from Denver, Colorado. He has been married for ten years, and believes that this marriage is what keeps him going. Being a police officer is a tough job and you never know what situation one may have to face. One can easily break down sometimes, but according to Brunst, the love and support of his family is what keeps him strong. His wife constantly builds him up.

Sometimes, when he has to miss a family commitment to perform his duty, his family understands instead of giving him a tough time. Brunst reveals that he is grateful for having such a supporting family, and tries to spend as much quality time as he can whenever he is free. He never fails to express gratitude to his understanding wife, who says that she loves him no matter what and knows that helping people sometimes means he can’t spend time with her. In fact, she shows pride in being the wife of a police officer, and says that she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Paul Brunst says that in order to be emotionally stable, it is essential to establish good relations with your family. Having an unstable environment at home can divert your attention from what’s important and stop you from giving your best, eventually leading you to give a compromised performance, which is a huge no-no for someone in law enforcement. Therefore, it is important to always have your family on your side to stay stress-free on the streets.

Paul Brunst on Recreation with Biking

With any profession, there has to be a certain amount of time for recreation; a fact known well by Paul Brunst. He has served as a full time police officer in protecting his community. The role of a police officer is one fraught with risks, and plenty of possible stress. Sometimes incidents during a shift, or the long hours, can create a cloud of stress and anxiety for the officer. As such, an outlet is needed. Everyone has their own way of letting off steam, but in this case, Brunst has taken up biking.

Biking is an excellent way to relieve stress, as well as stay in shape with some good old cardio. It is well known that cardio can result in the release of endorphins, often known as a runner’s high. This endorphin release can make the act of biking an attractive one, not to mention the numerous benefits it brings. Biking can be through a residential area, in the wilderness, or just wherever there is space.

Being a police officer can be demanding physically, often requiring strength, as well as cardio endurance. Biking provides an excellent way for Paul Brunst to maintain his endurance, and stay prepared for whatever challenges he may face during his time on duty. Everyone can benefit from a good biking session, or just cardio in general. It can leave the person sweating and exhilarated as they burn those extra calories. Paul Brunst understands this, and anyone in any type of profession should recognize the importance as well.